The Chinese Fire Dragon Sign represents people who are extremely ambitious, wise and always motivated to succeed. These people work hard and are respected by their peers for their skills. Fire Dragons have the makings of a leader and if given the chance, will accomplish much. Fire Dragons don't always follow the advice of others, so they may upset them without realizing it. He could go a long way if he tried to be more understanding of other people's opinions and feelings.

Are you a fire dragon ? If so, get to know your Chinese zodiac sign. Each animal is assigned one of the 5 elements, which allows them to distinguish each other. In this article, we will talk about the Fire Dragon sign by mentioning the following points :

  • The characteristics of the Chinese astrological sign fire dragon.
  • The years of the fire dragon.
  • The personality of the fire dragon 1976 (Female and Male).
  • The horoscope of the fire dragon.

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The fire dragon is a proud and lively person with an inexhaustible self-confidence. They are very intellectual and are always quick to take advantage of any opportunity. They are determined and strong-minded to succeed in whatever they do, which usually comes naturally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and always strive to maintain the high standards they set for themselves.

Chinese Fire Dragon Sign | Autumn Dragon

Fire dragons tend to take things very personally. They are extremely quick to criticize anyone who tries to ridicule them. They can sometimes be perceived as blunt and are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive. They can be quite gullible and often believe what people tell them. The Fire Dragon does not take insults lightly, if they feel they have been hurt, it will take them a long time to relearn to trust as they hold grudges. Fire Dragons are very outgoing and draw attention to themselves easily. They like to be the center of attention and deal with problems when they are faced with them.

Their points of view are highly valued, they often have something interesting to say. They are very energetic and always willing to work long hours, without being social, to get what they want. Sometimes very impulsive, they do not foresee the consequences that may follow from their actions. They tend to live in the moment and are very impatient. As for their abilities, Fire Dragons are very confident, which sometimes leads them to make bad judgments, but they have the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces.

Chinese Fire Dragon Sign | Autumn Dragon

The fire dragon will often go very far in his career, this is due to the fact that he has a strong personality and a huge desire to succeed. Their management skills are formidable. They seize opportunities and know how to put their own ideas into play. They are very successful in politics, in management at work, in show business and in anything that brings them into contact with the media.

Fire Dragons always trust their own judgment. They like to feel independent and many cherish their independence so much that they prefer to remain single all their lives. Fire Dragons will be adored by many people throughout their lives, as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and exceptional appearance. If they marry, they will usually marry young, they are very compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters.


The Fire Dragon years are 1916, 1976 and 2036. According to the 5 elements of the Chinese zodiac, if you were born in 1976, you are a Fire Dragon. Since the Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar, the year of the fire dragon in the Gregorian calendar begins on January 31, 1976 and ends on February 17, 1977. Men and women with the Fire element and the Chinese sign of the Dragon as their astrological sign are rather beautiful, it is easy for them to be loved by others. They love Mars and the color red, the south being their lucky direction. Summer is their favorite season, and their mascot is a phoenix.

Chinese Fire Dragon Sign | Autumn Dragon


People born in 1976, the year of the Fire Dragon, are intelligent, honest and passionate. They are gentle in their ways, diligent in their work, independent in life. They have the enthusiasm and determination to do things right. They have exceptional work and management skills, as well as creative opinions. This is why they are born with leadership qualities.

Personality of the Fire Dragon

On the downside, they always react according to the situation. They focus on what interests them, which tends to leave an impression of unreliability and lack of understanding. They are not very good at managing social relationships. In summary, here are the characteristics of the Chinese fire dragon sign :

  • Qualities : Sentimental, Practical and Organized
  • Faults : Impulsive, Narcissistic and Despotic
  • Secret Need : Understand your partner's expectations
  • Tips : Don't expect things to change overnight


Their careers are constantly growing because of their hard work. They may one day become a leader with strong leadership. In the field, they can easily get along with their superiors and colleagues. They trust and cooperate with each other, helping each other when they face difficulties. The team atmosphere at work puts forward a harmonious future.


The Fire Dragon's fortune is getting richer and richer. With the development of their career, they could get a better salary and performance pay. And in their spare time, they like to make investments, which will also bring them considerable wealth. But they should not be too greedy and high risk investments should be avoided. They should consult more professionals and listen to others' suggestions before investing.


People with Fire Dragon as their Chinese zodiac sign rarely take the initiative in a love relationship. They may not know how to courageously express their feelings when love comes, so they may miss those they love at a young age. After marriage, they are always stingy with their contributions, which easily leads to problems in their relationship with their spouse. To solve this problem, they have to pay more for their daily expenses and care even more about their partner in order to have a happy relationship.


There are no major health problems in their lives. But they need to eat healthy and rest regularly, no matter how hard they work. Get more outdoor exercise to improve their immune system.


Women of the fire dragon sign are self-confident and proud. They know what they want, and expect mutual respect. They may fight harder than necessary to get what they want, but they will always strive to keep everything in order and have good relationships. If she is the boss at work, she will be very demanding with her subordinates. She only wants the best, everyone around her will have to work hard to achieve the same goals. The Fire Dragon woman's character is slightly antisocial, but she knows how to make influential friends. When it comes to telling the truth, she doesn't hesitate to do so in a diplomatic way.

 Chinese Fire Dragon Sign Woman

She will always be independent and will not rely on a man. Representatives of the opposite sex will have to fight for attention and woo a fire dragon woman. She wants someone loving and generous. Lazy or cheap men will not even have the opportunity to talk to her. Well off, she will not seek marriage for materialistic reasons. Anyone who is the opposite of what she wants will be rejected. Sensitive and outspoken, she will not force herself on others in any way. When it comes to being a wife and mother, she will devote all her time to those she loves. She enjoys taking care of the house and cooking for her family.


Men of the fire dragon sign have a lot of ambition and are able to achieve their dreams. Many envy them for their energy and ability to devote themselves to their projects. The fire dragon man does not like to converse, and it is best to avoid contradicting him. They are strong-willed and can stand up for themselves without needing help. Because he is a persevering and diligent professional, he will have a great career. As a boss, he will spend a lot of time at work and expect his subordinates to do the same. And they will because when he is angry, he can say a lot of mean things.

Chinese Sign Fire Dragon Man

Many women will be at his feet, because not only is he attractive, but he also makes a good impression on everyone. He has good manners and pays a lot of attention to the person he has chosen to be his other half. Very intelligent, the male fire dragon's character gives him the big picture. Because of this, the male fire dragon can hold great debates with anyone. When it comes to money, he won't hesitate to spend it on his mate. Expect him to get very serious after his wedding. Not that he isn't very responsible until he takes that big step in his life. He's not very good at family life, but you can be sure he'll do his best. When he has a family of his own, he'll give them everything they want.


In 2021, those with the Chinese fire dragon sign will face challenges regarding work and family. Losing money may occur more often in 2021. They may think that they are not afraid of bad luck because they have earned enough money in 2019-2020. But if they want to avoid losing a huge amount of money, they should focus on safe investments.

The career prospects of fire dragon sign people are also bleak. They often work with bad people who can put their careers at risk. This can lead to demotion, deduction or dismissal. Dismissal also has a negative impact on family harmony. This is why people of the fire dragon sign should be careful and kind to those close to them, and be wary of others.

Fire Dragon 1976 Horoscope 2021

People of the fire dragon sign must do some work on themselves, if they want a happy relationship. Their halves seem unable to handle their bad characters, which causes many quarrels. But the singles of the Chinese fire dragon sign will become popular among the opposite sexes. If you are still available, this is the perfect time to find your partner. Fire dragons need to keep a calm mind in a love relationship, otherwise, they may get hurt.

In 2021, the fire dragon's health is likely to be harassed by potential diseases and viruses. It is suggested that people of the Chinese fire dragon zodiac sign who have been suffering from cardiovascular diseases for many years take care of themselves. For healthy Fire Dragons, they need to pay attention to their own physical condition.


Now you know a little more about the meaning of the fire dragon. Thanks to what we have just seen, you will know that despite the strong personality of the astrological sign dragon, you will sometimes have to know how to restrain yourself according to the situations that come to you.

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