Dragon Rings

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A dragon ring is a piece of jewelry that depicts a dragon, a legendary monster that is frequently represented as a huge, winged reptile with sharp teeth and claws. While the dragon emblem has varied connotations in different cultures, there are a few similar themes linked with this mythological beast throughout history.

One of the most well-known dragon connotations is power and strength. Dragons are viewed as strong and aggressive animals that should not be trifled with in many cultures. They are frequently connected with nobility, bravery, and aristocracy. As a result, the dragon ring is a popular choice for people who wish to represent their personal strength and might.

The dragon may also represent wisdom and understanding. Dragons are regarded as knowledgable creatures in many cultures, possessing wisdom and comprehension that mortals lack. They are frequently connected with knowledge, intellect, and insight. As a result, the dragon ring is a popular choice for people who wish to represent their own wisdom and understanding.

The dragon also represents good fortune and wealth. Dragons are viewed as emblems of good fortune and wealth in many civilizations. They are frequently linked to money, success, and prosperity. As a result, the dragon ring is a popular option for people who desire to represent their personal good fortune and success.

Finally, the dragon ring may represent immortality. Dragons are viewed as animals that never die and may live eternally in many civilizations. They are frequently connected with immortality, longevity, and the concept of living indefinitely. As a result, the dragon ring is a popular choice for people who desire to represent their own immortality.

Finally, the dragon ring is a strong symbol that may signify a variety of meanings, such as power, strength, wisdom, knowledge, luck and wealth, and immortality. Wearing a dragon ring, whether for its symbolic meaning or simply because you enjoy the way it looks, is guaranteed to make a powerful statement.

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The dragons are beasts whose myth has lasted for several millennia, no one has ever seen them, but their probable existence persists through the centuries. Many civilizations and cultures persist in believing their existence, even admiring and worshipping them while others on the contrary fear and curse them. In spite of this, Autumn Dragon offers you several models of dragon rings made of stainless steel, silver or other resistant and high quality materials. These accessories do not go unnoticed. Very eye-catching and at the same time very curious, these dragon rings are available in different models and colors to suit all tastes, whether female or male.


At Autumn Dragon, we pay special attention to this fantasy treasure that is thousands of years old. The men's dragon ring will be a perfect match for jewelry, giving you a touch of virility and letting out an imposing aura while making you a man of style and elegance. In our second selection of dragon rings, we offer you something more discreet while remaining just as classy as original since a category of this can light up like a dragon's eyes splitting the darkness of the night. Autumn Dragon puts its finger on the quality of each of our products. We offer superior quality dragon redhorses that will fit perfectly whatever your style. These are unique and original, allowing you to distinguish yourself from the others, because moreover, they are not available in store. We insist on keeping the models of our dragon rings as faithful as possible to those that are still counted today in myths and legends that you can find on our Dragon blog. Who knows, you might come across one.


Autumn Dragon attaches great importance to women. Beautiful jewelry is essential for them and our collections of women's dragon ring will meet your expectations whether it is by their style or their bewitching design. You will find the ring that you need in our unisex collections or the dragon rings specially forged and modeled for women, highlighting your strong character, combining beauty, courage and destiny. Our dragon rings will fit perfectly with any style, be it gothic, whimsical, punk or medieval, they will bring you something extra that will attract attention and make you a woman like no other. You will bewitch your entourage with your different style that lives up to the draconian legends.


Chinese dragon rings have a very special history. Chinese dragons are considered to be the primordial dragons. They are symbolized by power and good fortune. Their meaning in Chinese mythology is very strong, a sign of great happiness, success and prosperity, but also of the natural elements and their forces. A most intriguing and inspiring story of the power you will feel when our Chinese dragon rings are on your fingers.

Still today dragons are a symbol of noble things, representing boldness, nobility and strength. All the qualities that you will emphasize by wearing our rings. The dragon is also a sign of spiritual strength. It is intimately linked to the spring season, representing renewal and vitality, giving you a beneficial property that leaves you in a perfect balance between the physical benefits as well as the spiritual drawn from the Yin and Yang present on our dragon rings.

The dragon is a symbol of Yang and the phoenix of Yin and their union is representative of luck, success, love and enlightenment. Chinese dragons are often depicted with a pearl under the chin. It is generally said that the pearl symbolizes wealth, prosperity and great fortune, while some mystics believe it represents wisdom, enlightenment and truth. While most other cultures consider the dragon only as an essential part of their folklore, the symbol of the dragon is still deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It is a revered figure that continues to be identified with excellence, success and wealth. Some dragon rings contain a rather impressive and meaningful cultural history.


Gold is a symbol of nobility in many cultures and still today in our society. At Autumn Dragon, we have made the Gold Dragon Ring the epitome of class and wealth. You will find rings that are both chic and elegant coming straight out of our exceptional jewelers, fashioning beautiful gold-plated rings or in noble metals. You will find with us each part of the Dragon's body in the shape that will seduce you the most. Here is our catalog :

  • Dragon Scale Ring
  • Dragon Armor Ring
  • Dragon Eye Ring
  • Dragon Head Ring
  • Dragon Claw Ring
  • Dragon Egg Ring

Gold has a stable value over time, timeless regardless of the form in which it is shaped. Whether in watches, bracelets or pendants, gold retains its beauty and prestige. Autumn Dragon has decided to offer gold-plated dragon rings for its advantages, allowing us to correct the various classical defects of raw gold such as deformations.


At Autumn Dragon, we also offer a collection of silver dragon rings that will be both aesthetic, classy, but more discreet than our gold dragon ring collection. We have put our finger on the quality of the silver used for our dragon rings, that's why they are made from 925 sterling silver to satisfy the silver purists while giving a more prestigious and rare aspect to our products. We have adapted our rings to many different reliefs, but also have many ways to offer it, whether polished or rough, it will bring you closer to your goals whether it is for the long or the short term.*


If you are a madman of manual work, our rings are also made for you. We offer you a selection of stainless steel dragon rings allowing you to keep it whatever the situation, because it will resist to corrosion while keeping its solidity, at low or high temperatures, combining its hygienic properties, its aesthetics and its life cycle.

At Autumn Dragon we have chosen 316L stainless steel for all its advantages that will allow you to wear it over time. We combine this with zirconia stones for their beauty and charm.


Zirconium is a very special stone because it is comparable to diamond with the only difference being that it is more attractive and adorable. It has nothing to envy to its competitor, because it keeps its elegance, its reflections of colors while offering a new look to our dragon rings as well as our other jewels which it decorates majestically. This semi-precious stone retains a certain prestige of its appearance, but competes just as well with other gems with its captivating and attractive tones. Zircon has a lot of quality and that is what makes its advantages. It remains very malleable, allowing us to offer you different collections of objects of all kinds such as different prestige rings or several designs of rings in different forms, but also inlaid in our materials whether it is silver or steel. Intriguing this zirconium stone ?


The signet ring is very special because it has a very important history in time. It is one of the oldest and most important jewels ever created. It has persisted in time, and until today it is still prized and appreciated by the people. The signet ring comes from several civilizations such as ancient Egypt, England, Rome and throughout Mesopotamia where the insignia, symbol or seals of different families was engraved generally in the bourgeoisie and even royalty and other wealthy circles. It was also possible to engrave ancient writings generally when the signet ring was in its most common form so a ring has a flat face in relief on a ring of noble metals such as gold or silver. Autumn Dragon offers you a wide variety of dragon redhorses mainly in silver, here are some of our varieties :

  • Silver Dragon Knight Gentleman
  • Dragon Knight Man
  • Dragon Head Knight
  • Vintage Knight

The dragon redhorse conveys a very strong message combining the legendary story of the dragons with the powerful history of the redhorse. It is a symbol of pride, nobility, prestige worthy of your family heritage, making it last over time and generations whatever the culture it belongs to, and this, for thousands of years. It is a true work of ancient art that has been able to evolve while keeping its style and its history that make it such a prized object and in the common of our society today whether it is to represent love, friendship, rebellion, a promise or an affiliation it will convey a very strong message that will arouse the curiosity of your entourage.


The right dragon ring fits every style and that's what makes it stand the test of time and gives it its timeless effect. Whether in punk, Celtic Gothic or fantasy style our rings will have a perfect alchemy with the rest of your jewelry. Rings are also much emphasized in the film industry whether it is series, video games, movies or even novels and books of all kinds, their use remains very frequent of their prestige and beauty. Mixing the spirit of the dragon you will have a very striking look that you can mix with the other collections on our site whether necklaces, bracelets or rings. You will be able to stand out from your entourage with an original style, yet chic and captivating.

To see our bracelets, go to our collection of all our dragon bracelets and become the most powerful being on earth !