Dragon Necklaces

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A dragon necklace is a piece of jewelry that frequently has a dragon image on it. Depending on the culture or environment in which it is worn, this type of necklace may have a different significance.

Some cultures view dragons as ferocious, strong beings that stand for protection, bravery, and strength. It may be believed that wearing a dragon necklace bestows certain attributes on the person or provides protection.

Other cultures view dragons as intelligent, good-natured beings that represent luck and wealth. These cultures may believe that wearing a dragon necklace can bring the person luck and wealth.

A dragon necklace may occasionally be worn only because the wearer loves the style or thinks it attractive.

Dragons are a frequent theme in mythology and fantasy literature, thus it's not uncommon for fans of these genres to wear dragon necklaces. The dragon necklace serves as a means of displaying the wearer's enthusiasm for mythology and fantasy.

In conclusion, a dragon necklace's significance can vary depending on the culture or setting in which it is worn, but generally speaking, it is a symbol of power, bravery, protection, luck, and wealth. It can also be worn just for aesthetic purposes.

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The dragon necklace is often accompanied by its dragon pendant. They contribute to financial success, career development and also protect their owner from unkind people and careless acolytes. A symbol of Yang masculine strength, the dragon favors men and puts women on a pedestal. This powerful creature is incredible; it embodies the awakening of natural forces, new beginnings and growth. A dragon is able to scare off any negative energy in all forms of manifestation. For example, a gold dragon pendant with diamond inserts can offer strong protection against problems in your life.

A jewel with the dragon symbol will also help to find your soul mate. Chinese philosophers say that every man and woman on earth has a half that awaits him or her. A person will not know true happiness until he or she has found his or her other half. With a dragon pendant, finding true love will become child's play and it will be a lot easier.

A man wearing a pendant in the shape of a dragon will become very famous among women. This will not mean that he will necessarily cheat. On the contrary, he will be faithful to his sweetheart. A woman who wears a dragon pendant, even against her will, will create a pleasant aura around her. She will be contemplated. Adopt a dragon necklace, we have different models with silver chains (Sterling) or leather cords.


The dragon jewel is a rather complex and at the same time very versatile symbol. The dragon necklaces carry the image of a fire-breathing snake, they symbolize clarity and destiny. It is able to associate the powers, male and female at the same time since the Yin, the feminine, is represented by a snake while the male Yang power is represented by a bird. In the beginning, the attribute of the dragon had an essentially positive definition. It was the symbol of God and their witness on Earth (kings and emperors). The Chinese dragon necklace is more than just a fashion item, each dragon has a characteristic and their powers are rewritten through our accessories.


The silver dragon necklace is fascinating, delicate and emotional. Its silver color is particularly associated with the goddess Artemis, here the winged creature comes to embellish your soul and above all your style. The silver dragon pendant is a purifying ornament, it symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Let our dragon necklaces discharge positive energy through your neck, your nape and your entire body. The silver dragon pendant is a pure wonder, it is made of 925 sterling silver.


The gold dragon necklace is an admirable and amazing accessory. Are metal color, gold is the cousin of yellow, it is often equated with fame and reign. A very wide range is offered to you then you will be able to get a dragon necklace with different types of dragon pendants especially for men and women, such as the :

  • Gold Dragon Pendant
  • Silver Dragon Pendant
  • Chinese Dragon Pendant
  • Pendant Jade Dragon
  • Dragon Egg Pendant


A wide range is offered to you, our collection of Dragon Necklaces is made for you to find your rare pearl, they each confer protective benefits. Refined and rich, it comes to decorate your neck with charm and elegance. The dragon necklace is a bewitching jewel, whether it is in gold or silver, it comes to surround your neck gently to adjust your look with a charming layer out of the ordinary.

Welcome to Autumn Dragon, we give you access to a collection of costume jewelry, medieval, gothic, vampire and many other kinds with a dragon spirit. Most of the products are made of sterling silver, stainless steel or gold-plated. Some of our accessories are custom made and as such, there is sometimes a delay of a few days before shipping. We ship all dragon necklaces worldwide.


The necklace, which comes with a steel dragon pendant, allows you to personalize with elegance and taste your clothing look. Stainless steel is a very solid and practical material, because it does not wear out over time, no maintenance is required. A 316L stainless steel dragon necklace is similar to silver, but much more accessible. If you are looking for a really inexpensive dragon jewel, then you are at the right place, this is a timely choice not to be missed from our wide selection of stainless steel dragon necklace.


First of all, for sure, you wear this kind of accessory because you love the style and character of the magnificent creature that is the dragon. It is very popular through many platforms (cinema, series, anime), we personally have a great admiration for these legendary creatures. Don't hesitate to combine your necklace with other sumptuous jewels such as a dragon bracelet, to complete your clothing and make it elegant.

Our collection of all our dragon jewelry ! Waiting for you to perfect your draconic style. It's up to you my young dragon !