Dragon Temporary Tattoos

Limited time


The dragon is one of the main motifs found in oriental tattooing, where it is often the subject of a large piece covering the entire back of the subject. Our Dragon Temporary Tattoos are perfect because they have many advantages if you hesitate to get a real tattoo that will be part of your being indefinitely, it may be more judicious to opt for an ephemeral tattoo beforehand, it is an obvious way because the ink is not incorporated into the skin.

Our works of art that are deposited on your body will express what you feel deep down inside you aesthetically. Our Dragon Temporary Tattoos can bring you a unique decoration that will be part of you for a limited time.


The dragon is a legendary beast, as they are often represented as a powerful being, and therefore superior to ancient times. Our Dragon Temporary Tattoos embody a symbol of power and might. Before we create an eternal tattoo, we bring you a solution to test a tattoo without incorporating it into your skin and above all you give inspiration for an eternal tattoo ideas. Whether you are a woman or a man you can take hold of this temporary art that imbues them with a style out of the ordinary.

In the Eastern culture, the great legendary creatures of the dragon possess a characteristic and beneficial virtues such as luck, prosperity and strength. Dragons are often associated with other legendary creatures such as the phoenix or even a very well known creature called the leviathan, it is often nicknamed the sea dragon ! Depending on each person's way of thinking, the meaning of the ephemeral dragon tattoo may differ or be reinforced.


TIME GAIN : To apply a temporary tattoo, you need very little time, it usually takes between 10 to 15 seconds, which is, in my humble opinion, very fast. Our personalized Dragon Temporary Tattoos are easy even very easy to apply. All you need to do is remove the protective plastic layer on top of the temporary tattoo. Then place the tattoo on the area you wish to apply. Take a sponge and wet the back of the temporary tattoo while transferring the image to your skin. Apply light pressure for a few seconds then carefully peel the tattoo from the back revealing your brand new shiny and elegant temporary tattoo !

EASY TO REMOVE : Our Dragon Temporary Tattoos can be removed immediately with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil or rubbing alcohol. They can also be removed over time with soap and water.

EASY TO TEST : A permanent tattoo requires some thought and carries risks such as not liking the tattoo done anymore. A lot of people buy our Dragon Temporary Tattoos to test a design before committing to a permanent tattoo for life! Permanent tattoos are for life so it is important that you take the time and make your decisions clear and precise! You can use our tattoos to give you style at a wedding or any other party. You will be able to stand out and you will be the queen or king of the party. They give you a brutal and majestic look, making it a perfect decoration accessory. Our temporary tattoos can also adhere to smooth surfaces such as glass or wood.

PERFECT GIFTS : It's a perfect gift because they are made for all ages is, it's a fun gift.

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