"Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" translated as "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" is the motto of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dragons are magical creatures classified as 5X (XXXXX). They are considered to be the most dangerous mythological beings, which is why they live in dragon reserves. These fire-breathing beings are considered symbols of power and invincibility. The fact that dragons are known in J. K. Rowling's magical world and that every child is aware of their danger is evidenced by the school motto in the Hogwarts coat of arms. In the world of Harry Potter, dragons are magical creatures of many races. Only a few are able to fly and breathe fire.

Dragon Bracelets

Muggles and Dragons in Harry Potter

The magical world has no real connection to the Muggle world. Similarly, the dragons in Harry Potter live hidden from the world. To ensure that Muggles do not encounter dragons, special reserves have been set up in various countries. Specially trained dragon keepers monitor on behalf of the responsible magical authority that no dragons can escape from these controlled locations. If an escape does occur, a wave of the wand and appropriate memory spells are used to ensure that Muggles have no memory of the spectacle.

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Aspects of Dragons in Harry Potter

Dragons in Harry Potter are usually armored and winged, like a snake or phoenix. They can range in weight from 1 to 6 tons and length from 3 to 12 meters, depending on the breed. Female dragons are usually a little heavier and more corpulent than their male counterparts. The design, coloring and body features of the dragon types are very different. Some have a jagged crest along their back, others have dangerous spines. The flames they can spit out in a targeted manner have a range of over 15 meters in some dragons. The degree of toxicity of their bite or a scratch on their claws also varies depending on their origin.

Females of all dragon species are particularly aggressive when incubating and guarding their eggs. Hence the choice of breeding female dragons as opponents in dragon fights during the Three Wizards Tournament (Harry, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley).

Dragons feed on fairly large mammals such as cattle and sheep, although some, but not all, hunt humans.

All Harry Potter dragons have been classified as highly dangerous and untamable by the Ministry of Magic's Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures. This classification of their dangerousness also applies to dragons that only attack humans when provoked. The private keeping and breeding of dragons has been strictly forbidden by the magical authorities. For this reason, dragon eggs are among the products of the magical world with which all trade is forbidden.

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The Dragons of the Harry Potter Series

Throughout the Harry Potter film series, it is possible to see several dragons. They differ according to their characteristics, their sizes and their origins. Here is a presentation of all the dragons in Harry Potter.

Hagrid's Dragon in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

He appears as Norbert, Hagrid's pet. The story goes that he got him from a stranger while having fun at the Hoggs Head pub. Norbert is an extremely fierce dragon who can kill even wizards. This makes his training impossible. It is therefore even less advisable to keep him as a pet. As his name suggests, the little dragon's place of origin is Norway. It starts to breathe fire about 1 to 3 months after its birth with a size of about 10 m. After several damages done by the little dragon, Hagrid is convinced to give the creature to the care of Charlie Weasley, Ron's brother who works as a dragon messenger in Romania. Norbert is the first dragon to appear in the entire Harry Potter saga.

Norbert Dragon Harry Potter

The Magyar at Point in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He appears during Harry's challenge in the three main competitive games at the wizarding school. The look on his face is enough to terrorize the young hero and his friends. Harry is stalked by him at first without thinking of how to perform the task he has been given. Considered the most dangerous of all dragon species, the Spiked Magyar has black scales and a lizard-like appearance. Its eyes are yellow and its horns are almost bronze. Its long tail has many spines. It is one of the dragons that projects flames over a very long distance (15 meters). Its eggs are cement-colored and their shell is very hard. This dragon feeds on goats, sheep and, if possible, on humans. It appears in the fourth Harry Potter book. Its country of origin is Hungary.

Harry Potter Magyar Spiked Dragon

The Welsh Green Dragon in Harry Potter or the Common Welsh Green

It appears in the first challenge of the three main competitive games of the wizarding school. Wales Green is a green dragon of about 5.5 meters. He is calm by nature and is native to Wales, England. The Wales Green in Harry Potter likes to eat sheep and small mammals. It is possible that a young Common Welsh Green was the actual cause of the great fire in London in 1932. The fire, thought to be an attack, was thwarted by the Toke family of wizards, who proceeded to launch the largest group of memory charms ever seen in the 20th century. The Toke family was later awarded the Order of Merlin First Class, for their heroism and quick thinking.

Fleur Delacour faced this dragon race for the first task of the Three Wizards Tournament in 1994. She enchanted the creature into a magical sleep to retrieve its golden egg.

This dragon is a relatively mild breed except for hybrid cases. It prefers to attack mainly sheep and other small mammals and avoid human contact. The roar of the Welsh Green is rather distinctive and somewhat melodious. The eggs of the Common Welsh Green are earthy brown, spotted with green.

The Chinese Bottle in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He appears in the first challenge of the three main competitive games of the wizarding world. The challenger is Victor Clam, a representative of Darmstrung College and the famous Quidditch scholar. The Chinese Bottle is a fast and intelligent Dragon that weighs a few tons. Native to China, it has a very distinctive appearance, with crimson scales surrounding its entire body, large protruding yellow eyes, and yellow hair-like spines surrounding its face. To retrieve the golden egg, Clam casts a "conjunctivitis curse" on the Chinese Bottlehead.

The short-faced Swede in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He appears in the first challenge of the three main competitive games of the magic school. The challenger is Cedric Diggory, a famous researcher, captain of the Hufflepuff Dormitory National Team and a Hogwarts representative. The Swedish short-nosed dragon lives only in remote areas of Sweden. Its total length is about 7 meters. It is covered with silver-blue scales, and its skin is used as a shield and protective gloves. Normally, there is no chance of contact between it and humans. This turns out to be a good thing, as human contact with the short-nosed Swede can be very dangerous. Its powerful blue flame instantly turns human bones into ashes.

The Ukrainian Pansedefer: The Greatest of All Harry Potter Dragons

The Pansedefer appears in the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". It seems to be present to protect the deep underground vault of Gringotts Magic Bank. With a total length of 18 m and a weight of 6 tons, it is one of the biggest dragons in Harry Potter. It has the ability to break a house just by landing on it. Its country of origin is Ukraine, which is characterized by its crimson eyes, its huge wings and its long and clawed legs.

Harry Potter Fire Spitting Dragon

The Opaleye in Harry Potter

He is originally from New Zealand. However, it is known to have migrated to Australia as its hometown areas dwindled. It is the only Harry Potter Dragon species that prefers to live in valleys rather than mountains. Their weight varies from 2 to 3 tons. They are the most beautiful dragon species with their pearly scales and bright, multi-colored eyes. It is not an aggressive species. It rarely kills if it is not hungry. Although sheep are their favorite food, they sometimes attack larger prey. Its eggs have a light grey color.

The Black of the Hebrides

This dragon of British origin is very aggressive. That's why more space is reserved for him unlike the others. An area of at least two hundred and fifty square kilometers is necessary for him. The Black Hebridean is one of the Harry Potter dragons measuring more than 09 meters long. It has hard scales, bright purple eyes and a shallow, but pointed row of pulps on its back. The Hebridean Black usually feeds on deer, but also hunts large dogs and livestock. It is known to be very large.

The Tooth of the Peruvian Viper

He is one of the biggest Harry Potter dragons. But it is also the fastest of all known dragons. The Peruvian Viper's Tooth is 20 feet long. It has smooth scales and black gums. Its horns are short and its teeth are extremely poisonous. This dragon doesn't mind feeding on goats and cows, but it likes humans so much that the International Confederation of Wizards had to send destroyers to reduce its numbers, which had become far too large.

The Romanian Cornelong in Harry Potter

The Romanian Horntail has dark green scales and long, shiny horns that it uses to cut up prey before roasting it. It is one of the Harry Potter Dragons whose horns are used as potion ingredients when ground into powder. They are therefore very valuable. An intensive breeding program for the Romanian Horned Dragon has been implemented in recent years as their horns have been commercialized and their numbers have declined.

Note : There are other dragons not featured in any Harry Potter movie. They can be found in spin-off books and board games from the series. They are: the Catalan Bottlebrush and the Portuguese Longnose.

The Contribution of Dragons in Harry Potter

Many of the most valuable commercial items in the magical world come from Dragon. Dragon heart fibers can be used as the magical core of wands. Dragon blood, liver and horns also have powerful magical powers and are considered, for example, as high quality magical ingredients in potions and elixirs. In magical textile production, dragon leather is often used to make strong protective clothing, or it is used to make particularly dazzling clothes and shoes. Dragon's teeth are considered extravagant magical jewelry.

In the Harry Potter universe, dragons are hunted by wizards because their skin, blood, heart, liver and horn have magical powers and are used for various purposes. Harry Potter Dragon Eggs are Class A products and are not for sale. However, they can be bartered on the black market, as in the case of Norbert bought by Hagrid.

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The Importance of the Dragon in Harry Potter

Dragons have been known as very important creatures in the Harry Potter universe since the first book. Although their use in the Three Wizards Tournament raises a question mark in terms of ethics, they certainly make the books of the series interesting. Especially in the last book of Gringotts ' Gold Trio '. There are other dragon-like fantasy animals in the young wizard's world, such as Firedrakes and Occamys. One can be seen as cursed and others can enable the young Potter to fight against the forces of evil, such as Draco Malfoy or the terrible Voldemort.

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