The universe of Shrek features multiple characters. Among them, a very particular dragon. The dragon present in Shrek, commonly called Dragon, is a red dragon with green eyes. She begins her walk in the work as an antagonist in charge of keeping Princess Fiona in her castle, but later reforms and helps Shrek as a supporting protagonist. She is also in love with Donkey, her future husband and the only Dragon in the Shrek universe.

Donkey and Dragon

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Shrek Dragon Fact Sheet

Unlike other dragons in movies and series, the Dragon of Shrek has something very special to him (or her, if you like). Here is some practical information about Dragon :

  • It is a large red/pink dragon, with spikes on its cheeks and all over its back, capable of flying and spitting fire.
  • She enters the film as an antagonist : a role she only plays for a very short time.
  • She is married to Donkey : a donkey she met by chance in the first movie of the series.
  • She became the mother of five little hybrids known as Dronkey.
  • Dragon is very coquettish : along the Shrek saga, she usually wears lipstick and knows how to beat her long lashes very well.
  • She understands human language, but cannot speak, even though some characters (especially Donkey) easily and fluently interpret what she expresses.
  • The actual age of the Dragon of Shrek is unknown, but she appears to be a young dragon.
  • Although not consciously withdrawn from the world, Dragon seems to harbor a solitary personality beneath its hard surface.
  • Very little is known about Dragon's life before the first Shrek, except that she kept Fiona for many years and devoured many unsuccessful knights who tried to save her.
  • It is also seen in Shrek inspired video games.
    Dragon's voice can be heard in Shrek The Musical, where she speaks and sings.
  • Dragon doesn't talk at all. It just roars, growls and sniffs.
  • Although she is simply called "Dragon" with a capital D throughout the series, her proper name turns out to be Elizabeth. This information comes from a disposable replica of Shrek 2. As Donkey faints from the transformation potion, he responds to the memory of his wife calling out to him and says, "I'm coming Elizabeth !".
  • Dragon appeared in the game "DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk".
  • Dragon has somehow learned to read human language because she has a cookbook.
  • The Dragon in Shrek was originally supposed to be much larger than Elizabeth was eventually. The hosts wanted to portray her as an unattractive overweight woman who would seem more unpleasant to Donkey and Shrek. In the end, the test audience was offended by the idea and Dragon was given a facelift to make her what she is today.
Shrek Strap in Flight

    Powers and Abilities of the Dragon of Shrek

    Like any dragon, the Dragon of Shrek has special abilities that allow it to accomplish great feats. Among these abilities are:

    1. An Immense Force

    The Dragon of Shrek possesses immense physical strength due to its immense physique.

    During his fight against Shrek, she manages to catapult him onto the tower where Fiona is.

    2. A Breath of Fire

    One of the most powerful and feared abilities of the Dragon of Shrek is its ability to spit fire. Several knights who came to challenge it in the dungeon have suffered the assaults of this fearsome attack.

     Dragon Shrek Breath of Fire

    3. A Prehensile Tail

    It has a long prehensile tail, pointed with a shovel strong enough to reverse the bulges, but can also hold objects gently in its grip.

    4. The Flight

    The wings of the Dragon of Shrek give him the ability to fly like a bird. It can thus cover long distances in a short period of time.

    5. She is Carnivorous

    Elizabeth the Dragon consumed several men while she was still guarding her dungeon. She even almost swallowed Donkey, which was saved in extremis by Shrek.

    6. Dragon can't Speak

    But this inability does not prevent him from communicating with the other characters in the Shrek series. His means of communication lies mainly in body language and roars.

    7. She's good at getting into other people's homes.

    For example, she went to the lake, where she later met Donkey, without anyone hearing her.

    The Duty of the Dragon of Shrek

    The Dragon in Shrek's initial task is to guard the fortress where Princess Fiona is imprisoned. A mission that Dragon accomplished perfectly until the arrival of Shrek and Donkey. When the ogre and his "noble steed" arrive at the fortress, the donkey manages to escape death, starting to compliment the dragon and adding more when he realizes that she is a female and (feeling appreciated for the first time) easily gives in to flattery. But she becomes furious when unsuspecting Shrek tries to save Donkey and bring him and Fiona away from the castle. After a fierce fight, the ogre manages to trap the dragon, pinning it against the castle walls with a chandelier chain.

     Shrek Fierce Dragon

    The Love Story of Dragon and Donkey

    The Dragon of Shrek is portrayed as the guardian of the tower, where Princess Fiona awaits her savior in the first Shrek movie. Its appearance first occurs when Donkey accidentally disrupts her sleep while looking for a stairway to the top of the tower. Enraged, Dragon confronts Donkey, who, for his part, no longer wants to bother him and begins to compliment the whiteness of his teeth and his oral hygiene. Following these compliments, she flutters her eyelashes and Donkey, realizing that she is a female, finds himself as fascinated and falls in love with her. This thought of nascent feelings horrifies Donkey. However, although he tries to gracefully deny his emotions, they only spurt out like a stream of water.

    When Donkey asks Dragon to get to know himself first as a friend, she affectionately wraps a paw around his face without taking his request seriously.

    Shrek arrives just at that moment. So Shrek, Donkey and Fiona escape and Dragon finds himself chained in the ruined tower of the dungeon, with unrequited love in his heart. Yet, as is secretly noted in later scenes of the film, this love has settled in Donkey's mind. The Dragon of Shrek reappears towards the end of the film, when she and Donkey reconcile and help end Lord Farquaad's marriage to Fiona. At Fiona and Shrek's wedding ceremony, Dragon and Donkey appear to be a couple.

    Note : In the end, the terrible Dragon turns out to be a woman, who falls in love with the donkey. At first, he panics, as a child would if a huge lady was harassing her. But in the end, he ends up accepting this love. It is a union even stranger than that of Shrek and Fiona, revealing the spirit of tolerance of our times, which is far too great.

     Dragon and Donkey Love Story

    The Dragon Dungeon of Shrek

    The Dragon Dungeon of Shrek is a dilapidated castle surrounded by a lake of boiling lava in a volcano. The stone that makes up its structures is crumbling and cracks in the ground give way to the molten rock below.

    - In the first film, Shrek agrees to save Fiona from the Dragon Keep for Lord Farquaad in exchange for the deed to his swamp. Shrek and Donkey arrive at the dungeon, cross the rickety bridge and the lava moat. The duo wander around the castle looking for Fiona when Donkey crashes into a pile of knightly remains. Shrek puts on some armor and orders Donkey to look for the stairs to Fiona's tower while he searches for the dragon. After Donkey accidentally awakens the dragon, Shrek ends up being thrown to the tower and into Fiona's room. Posing as a knight, he rescues Princess Fiona and returns to retrieve his "noble steed". Dragon pursues them and burns the bridge during their escape from the dungeon.

    - In the second film, Prince Charming finally arrives to rescue Princess Fiona from her tower. Because the bridge has been burned before, Charming creates a zip line to cross the lava. To his surprise, the castle has been abandoned and in Fiona's place is the big bad wolf. Wolf informs Charming that Fiona is already saved and married. In this and subsequent films, the castle was often mentioned as being where Shrek wished he had never saved Fiona.

    Functional Characteristic of the Dragon in Shrek

    • Intelligence : Average.
    • Dimensionality : 3D.
    • Existential Status : Concrete.
    • Attack : Small building (caused damage to a castle).
    • Defense: Small construction (identical to offensive power).
    • Speed: Superhuman (on the ground), subsonic (in flight).
    • Strength : Unknown.
    • Endurance : High.
    • Reach : Can switch between spitting fire and biting..
    • Physical Weaknesses : Unable to speak.
    • Psychological Weaknesses : None.
    • Body Variation : Basic shape.

     The Shrek Saga

    The Shrek Saga

    As with other popular Shrek characters, a wide variety of "Shrek Dragon" toys and collectibles have been created in conjunction with the various movies. The first Shrek movie had a wide range of action figures, including a very detailed and now quite rare Dragon figure. A battery-powered flying version of Dragon at the same approximate scale "flew" in circles when attached to a ceiling.


    Dragon appears as a boss in Shrek the game. She also appears in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing as Donkey's go-kart, because Donkey used the fairy godmother's wand to make it smaller.

    Shrek Smash and Crash Racing

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